I would like to know more about previous years’ budget requests and the funding history of the NIH.

Historical budget requests (2003 forward), spending history by NIH Institute and Center (IC) or Budget Mechanism (1983-present), and IC appropriation history (1938-present) can be found at http://officeofbudget.od.nih.gov/history.html


Where can I find this year’s budget request?

The President’s Budget Request and supporting documents are located at http://officeofbudget.od.nih.gov/br.html.


Where can I learn more about appropriations process?

The NIH appropriations language and appropriations table by IC are located at http://officeofbudget.od.nih.gov/cy.html.


Who can I contact if I cannot find the information that I need on the website?

Please call the Office of Budget (OB) central phone line (301)496-4477.